Welcome to Your Tape- Stoop


Stoop’s Welcome to Your Tape is a 10-song hip hop/rap album released in 2017. The album name seems to be a spin-off of the newly released movie Thirteen Reasons Why, a film about a teenage girl who commits suicide and leaves behind 13 tape recordings explaining why.


I stepped out of my comfort zone with this hip hop album; it’s not a genre I often listen to. I was not disappointed. Stoop has an eclectic sound that surprised me at first but grew on me as the album went on.


Stoop started his career writing poems in middle school with the hope of making people laugh. When he got to college, his love for rap really took off. Stoop is known for rapping about his experiences in life while still staying true to his comedic roots.


As far as the album goes, I enjoyed most of it, but it took some getting used to. I liked that his voice is different from that of most rappers, and his beats are unique from song to song.


The album opens with Your (Last) Song, which explores cutting off a girl he used to be with. He talks about being with new girls and how this is the last song he will write about this one. His tone and lyrics are intense and reveal a pain that lingers.

A song that stood out to me was "Sorry Ass Apology". This song was different from the rest on the album because it had a softer feel, rather than the hard-core one he portrays on his other songs. In this one, he sings more than he raps and the lyrics are deeper than you come to expect from Stoop. This song is an apology to a significant other that he hurt, leaving one to wonder if it’s connected to the woman in Your (Last) Song. He lets his listeners into another side of him through this song; many listeners appreciate when artists are able to get vulnerable with their work. Stoop succeeded.


Initial reluctance aside, in the end, I liked Welcome to Your Tape. It was a departure for me, so I enjoyed coming out of my comfort zone. This album can be enjoyed by people who like many different genres of music, not just hip hop or rap. Explore all of Stoop’s music on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.


-Words by Zoe Zbar

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