Chaplin New Release 'Just Kids'

The up and coming band, Chaplin, has slowly been gaining support with their release of “Just Kids” in September of 2017. Chaplin consists of Cameron Johnson on lead vocals and guitar, Casey Knight on vocals and bass, and Dylan Stokes on the drums. Chaplin was formed in 2010 in Alexandria, Louisiana but has since moved to Nashville, Tennessee where they recorded “Just Kids.” Chaplin channels pure pop punk sound and is faintly reminiscent of The Spill Canvas, State Champs, and even All Time Low in their early days. 
Some of the best singles on the album are, “El Musica” and “Danny’s Song.” “El Musica” contains some of the best components of pop punk with a clean guitar solo in the bridge. The song itself is very light and upbeat, and you can’t help but dance around and head bang to it. Stokes definitely showed off his drumming skills by keeping the beat fresh with some quick complex beats intermixed. The drums also give off that feeling that makes you want to drum on your steering wheel. Overall, this song is just the classic, angry at your ex, punk song that everyone needs to hear. Chaplin then slows things down a bit with, “Danny’s Song.” With lyrics like, “I know you feel the hurt, the overwhelming burn, you miss her, but she’s gone now,” you can’t help but really feel the hurt behind Johnson’s voice. The guitar chords and drums only add to this feeling of loss and pain that this song channels. This song adds a sense of vulnerability to the album since Chaplin writes their songs based upon life struggles and experiences. 
The only issue with this album is the production quality seems a bit spotty. In the song, “Love Me Like the First Time” the vocals and drums seem to be overpowered by the guitars. It almost seems as if those parts were recorded in a room with poor acoustics. The production and quality on the first five songs were rich in every musical aspect with a delicate acoustic seventh track to finish the album, so it’s disheartening that this track was lacking in this area. Overall, “Just Kids” by Chaplin is a well put together album that will certainly help them gain more popularity and the acknowledgment that this band deserves. The pop punk world is a bit oversaturated with bands currently, but if Chaplin stays on this same road and continues to make music like some of their singles on “Just Kids,” then consider me a new fan.

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